Applications that can be used with iphone

Explain about the applications that can be used with iphone

Technology, Entertainment and Design(TED): Allows to watch and listen to world’s most fascinating people have to say, all on the iPhone.

Market Watch: Breaking news about the investments can be seen. To do so, open the Stocks app and rotate.

Trends: Latest runway shows, videos from Vogue’s fashion library, reviews, exclusive party pictures, fashion news updates can be seen on
What is iPod?
What is iPod? - iPod is a new mix of iPhone, iTouch to Apple and a full notebook or laptop.......
What are the iPod specifications?
What are the iPod specifications? - iPod ‘s height is 9.56 inches (242,8 mm), width is 7.47 inches (189,7 mm), depth is 0.5 inches (13,4 mm )......
What music (jukebox) software is needed on computer system to use iPod?
iPod comes with iTunes for Macintosh and iTunes for Windows.......
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