What is iphone architecture?

What is iphone architecture?

- iPhone architecture is similar to MacOS X architecture

- It acts as an intermediary between the iPhone and iPod hardware an the appearing applications on the screen

- The user created applications never interact directly with the appropriate drivers, which protects the user applications from changes to the hardware.

- It has four abstraction layers:

1. The core OS layer - It is the bottom layer of the stack and sits on the top of the device hardware. They provide services including the low level networking, access to external accessories and the OS such as memory management,file system handling and threads.

2. The core services layer – This layer provides much of the foundation on which the other layers are built.

3. The media layer – This layer provides with audio,video animation and graphic capabilities. It consists of a number of frameworks which are utilised for developing the Iphone apps.

4. Cocoa touch layer - It sits on top of the stack and contains the framework which are used by the application developer. It is written in Objective – C and is based on the standard Mac OS X cocoa API and extends and modifies to meet the needs of the Iphone.
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