What is iphone OS?

What is iphone OS?

- iPhone OS runs on iPhone and iPod touch devices.

- Hardware devices are managed by iPhone OS and provide the technologies needed for implementing native applications on the phone.

- The OS ships with several system applications such as Mail, Safari, Phone, which provide standard services to the user.

- It is a mobile operating system which is created and developed by Apple.inc

- Its user interface is based on the concept of direct manipulation using multi touch gestures.

- Its interface includes sliders,switches and buttons.

- The interaction with the OS is done with gestures such as swipe,tap,pinch,reverse pinch.

- It shares with the OS X frameworks such as Core foundation and foundation kit. Its UI is Cocoa touch.

It has four abstraction layers:

1. The core OS layer
2. The core services layer
3. The media layer
4. Cocoa touch layer
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