Sql server - What are the types of indexes?

What are the types of indexes?

Types of indexes:
Clustered: It sorts and stores the data row of the table or view in order based on the index key.
Non clustered: it can be defined on a table or view with clustered index or on a heap. Each row contains the key and row locator.
Unique: ensures that the index key is unique
Spatial: These indexes are usually used for spatial objects of geometry
Filtered: It is an optimized non clustered index used for covering queries of well defined data
Sql server - Describe the purpose of indexes
Allow the server to retrieve requested data, in as few I/O operations.......
Sql server - Determine when an index is appropriate
When there is large amount of data. For faster search mechanism indexes are appropriate........
Sql server - Syntax and an example for create, rename and delete index
CREATE INDEX index_name ON table_name (col_1,col_2..);........
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