Infrastructure Management interview questions and answers

1. What are the roles involved in infrastructure management?
2. What are the services provided by infrastructure management?
3. What are the risks involved in infrastructure management?
4. What is meant by infrastructure decay?
5. What are the benefits of infrastructure management?
6. How does infrastructure management different from other managements?
7. What are the financial advantages involved in infrastructure management services?
8. How does IMS service work?
9. What are the different categories in which infrastructure management divided?
10. What are the main purposes of infrastructure management?
11. What are the steps involved in removing the duplication of effort?
12. How can on ensure the security measures for large infrastructure?
13. What is the concept of inter-operability?
14. What are the different models of infrastructure management?
15. What is the difference between independent and non-independent infrastructure support?
16. What are the services provided by infrastructure management?
17. What are the different engagement models?
18. What is the difference between shared and distributed infrastructure?
19. How does infrastructure management help in the growth of economy?
20. What are the different rehabilitation methods available?
21. What are the different technologies that are involved in infrastructure management?
22. What is the purpose of remote infrastructure management?
23. What does the remote infrastructure management include?
24. What is the function of infrastructure asset management?
25. What is the difference between infrastructure management and infrastructure asset management?
26. What are the processes and activities involved in making the infrastructure management?
27. What are the work practices involved in infrastructure management?
28. What is a GIS system?
29. How GIS system is different from other currently running system?
30. How to manage the IT with infrastructure management services?
31. How data center management different from remote infrastructure management?
32. What are the different types of security services involved in infrastructure management?
33. What are the features offered by the service providers in the case of infrastructure management?
34. What are the benefits given by remote infrastructure management?
35. What are the tools used in remote infrastructure management?
36. What are the methodologies of infrastructure management?
37. What is the impact of virtual infrastructure?
38. What are the solutions given by infrastructure for the common IT problems?
39. What are the different standards of services provided by infrastructure management?
40. What are the differences between sustain SoS and change Sos?
41. What is the performance specifications related to SoS?
42. What is the difference between minimum and maximum condition grade?
43. What is whole-life cost approach?
44. How to minimize the whole-life cost of infrastructure?
45. How to create asset management plan?
46. How priority investment decisions can be made using infrastructure management?
47. What are the key aspects of asset portfolio strategy?
48. What are the roles it involves for infrastructure management?
49. What is the use of Information technology infrastructure library?
50. What are the frameworks used in infrastructure management system?
IT Management interview questions and answers - IT Management FAQs
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