Difference between Java and JavaScript

Explain the difference between Java and JavaScript.

Java is an Object Oriented Programming Language which is developed by Sun Microsystems. It is capable of running on multiple operating systems with the help of interpreter. In java, programmers create a single program which can be run on majority of operating systems. We can make stand-alone application with the help of Java.

Java uses its own native code then executes it on a virtual machine i.e. JVM (Java Virtual Machine). The Java compiler converts the code into byte code. These Byte codes are machine code instruction for JVM.

Java Script is the object oriented scripting language which is developed by Netscape. Java Script code is embedded in HTML and runs directly on the browser. Java Script code is not compiled they are directly run on the browser. It is used for providing interactivity to the simple HTML pages. Java script code runs on the java script enabled browsers. The java script code is interpreted by the java script engine.
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Thirugnanam 11-28-2014
Java Script is not Object Oriented Language
Hello guyz! You should know that javascript is not object oriented language. it is heavily object based language because to being an OOP language, the language must be provide the OOP features and support, like Inheritance, Polymorphism, Abstraction, Encapsulation etc. And JavaScript has lack of these features and support while JAVA is 99.9% is purely OOP language and supports OOP paradigm. And one great fact about JAVA is that it is WORA (Write Once, Run Anywhere). Thanks!
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It's very useful to freshers
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it is very very useful
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it is very good collection of questions for freshers.
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about java script
what is exact meaning of script in the reference of programming language.
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this is the very attractive and learning power
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