Features of jQuery

Explain the features of jQuery.

- jQuery is a write less and do more javascript library.

- It helps us to make the use of javascript much easier.

- It simplifies the complicated things from javascript like the AJAX calls and the DOM manipulation.

Features of jQuery are :

1. Effects and animations.
2. Ajax.
3. Extensibility.
4. DOM element selections functions.
5. Events.
6. CSS manipulation.
7. Utilities - such as browser version and the each function.
8. JavaScript Plugins.
9. DOM traversal and modification.
Concepts of "$ function" in jQuery
Concepts of $ function in jQuery - The type of a function is "function". There are a lot of anonymous functions is jquery.........
Why is jQuery better than javascript?
Why is jQuery better than javascript? - jQuery is great library for developing ajax based application..........
Explain how jQuery Works
Explain how jQuery Works
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