Java architecture

Explain Java architecture, i.e. typical Java environment.

Java programming language

The complete Java developing kit. In other words, it is the complete java software to write and run applications.

Java class file format

1. A class file has a stream of 8 bit bytes.
2. The 16-bit, 32-bit and 64-bit quantities are read in two, four and eight consecutive 8-bit bytes respectively

Java Application Programming Interface

1. Java API is a group of classes and interfaces that are included as a part of Java Development Environment.
2. These classes are developed by using Java language.
3. These classes are executed on the JVM.

Java virtual machine

1. JVM is a group of data structures and programs that uses virtual model for the execution of byte code.
2. JVM accepts byte code, which is in intermediate form and conceptually represents the instructions set of a stack oriented architecture.
3. JVM runtime environment executes the .class files or .jar files by interpreting them or by using Just In-Time compiler.
4. JVM maintains the garbage collection
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