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Java J2EE Resume Examples - Sample 1

Pranav XXXX
Mobile: +91-98******
Email: pranav******@gmail.com
  • Possesses X years of experience as JAVA / J2EE developer.
  • Currently Working at XXXX as a JAVA / J2EE developer with ASTERISK TELEPHONY SERVER and MySQL for their Client ABC.
  • Hands on experience in developing Agi scripts for handling IVRs, call broadcast & calls conferencing.
  • Good knowledge of MyEclipse & NetBeans.
OS and Networking: Ubuntu 11.10, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7
Programming Languages: Java / J2EE, JDBC, JSP Servlets, SQL
Telephony Platforms: ASTERISK 10.0
Development Tools: MyEclipse, NetBeans
Web Designing Tools: HTML, CSS, Jquery
Application Server: Apache Tomcat 5.5
Database Skills: MS SQL Server 2005 / 2008, MySQL 5.1
Project: XXXX
OS: Ubuntu 11.10
Front End: JSP/Servlet
Back End: Asterisk 10.0, MySQL 5.1
  • In this system the user can create his own IVR online from web interface provided to him. There he can create an IVR up to maximum of 3 levels.
  • When the user submits his IVR the flow of the IVR is stored in database and the IVR is served by the AGI SERVER which is written by using AFTERISK JAVA. The Agi server executes the AGI Scripts according to it.
  • Currently the web interface is in under development, the backend is completed which includes database, Agi server and Agi scripts written in java and DIALPLANS in ASTERISK 10.0.
  • The call broadcast service’s web interface is developed using JSP / Servlet. The backend is completed which includes DIALPLANS in ASTERISK and AGI / AMI Scripts written in java.
Role and responsibility:
  • Responsible for the whole setup of asterisk including UBUNTU 11.10, ASTERISK 10.0 with DAHDI support and DIGIUM TE121 telephony card with RELIENCE E1 PRI (31 channels).
  • Created the Agi server using ASTERISK JAVA for serving AGI Scripts fast.
  • Developed Agi scripts for handling IVRs, call broadcast, call conferencing using both FASTAGI and ASTERISK MANAGER Api in JAVA.
  • Created an IVR for the United Infotech by self using asterisk dial plan for their SMSLANE.com website.
  • Currently responsible for maintaining the ATERISK and create IVR as per client’s requirements.
Project: Asterisk Dial Plans setup For Onering.in
OS: Ubuntu 11.10
Technologies used: ASTERISK 10.0, Asterisk Java API.
It is a Backend for Onering.in for its telephony services. The dial plans written for Onering.in handles the missed calls given by the users on the channels which are the landline numbers purchase as E1 PRi from RELIENCE. Whenever the user gives missed call to particular channel for various purposed like registration, password recovery, missed call alert services, etc. the ASTERISK handles this all requests and call the API of Onering.in according to it.

Role & Responsibility:
Responsible for creating and maintaining ASTERISK Diaplans and troubleshooting any problems in system according to company’s requirements.
  • Stayed under budget for X quarters.
  • Managed a project spanning X countries.
  • X years of experience as JAVA / J2EE developer at XXXX from June-20XX to June 20XX.
  • X years of experience at XXXX as a JAVA / J2EE developer with ASTERISK TELEPHONY SERVER and MySQL from June 20XX to April 20XX.
  • Currently Working at XXXX at XXX as a JAVA / J2EE developer with ASTERISK TELEPHONY SERVER and MySQL for their Client ABC.
  • B.C.A from XXXX in April 20XX with 60.75%
  • H.S.C (science stream) from XXXX in March 20XX with 50.42%
  • S.S.C from XXXX in March 20XX with 77.43%
Project: XXXX
Front End: JSP / Servlet
Back End: MySQL 5.1
***** is an online auction system where users can bid on items listed by several sellers on the system. Users can view and bid on items. Sellers can list their items for bidding / selling on website.
Users / sellers both have their account panel fro where they can use the functionality like view listed items of seller. View items bidded by user. View / send messages to seller / admin and vice-versa. Admin have his own control panel from where he can operate and manage the whole system.

Role & Responsibility:
  • Designed and developed the whole system using JSP / SERVLET with Mysql 5.1.
  • Designed the MySQL database to handle the large amount of data easily by using relational database schema, table partitioning, etc.
  • For design purpose used CSS3 / jquery with html.
Date of Birth: 11th January 1988
Languages known: Gujarati, Hindi and English.

Java J2EE Resume Examples - Sample 2

Email: akbar.XXXXXXXXXX@gmail.com
Mobile: +91 99XXXXXXX9
Career Objective
Looking for challenging role in a dynamic organization where my skills and experience in the field of Java programming help in business / user information solutions.
Professional Summary
  • Over 3+ years of extensive experience in software development using Java and J2EE Technologies.
  • Expertise in developing Object Oriented Applications using Java 1.5.
  • Experience in J2EE technologies: Servlet, JSP and JDBC.
  • Knowledge on Struts 1.1 framework.
  • Experience in using Oracle 9i database.
  • Experience in using Unix / Linux environment.
  • Experience in using Tomcat 5.5 as Web server.
  • Experience in using JBoss 4.2.2, JBoss 5.1.0, Weblogic 9.2 as Application Server.
Professional Details
  • B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering from XXXXXXX, 2008.
Employment History
  • Working as a Software Engineer with xxxxxxxxxxx Software Pvt Ltd, Bangalore from Jun’10 to Oct’11
  • Worked as a Software Engineer with xxxxxxxxxxxx Technologies, Bangalore from Feb’08 to Jun’10.
Technical Skills
Operating Systems: Windows (2000/XP)
Languages: Java 1.5, SQL and JDBC
Web Technologies: Servlets, JSP, JDBC, Struts.
Version Control: CVS and VSS.
Tools: Log4j
IDE: Net Beans 5.5, Eclipse
Database: Oracle9i / 10g
Application Server: Jboss 5x and Weblogic 9x
Markup Languages: HTML / DHTML and XML
Scripting Language: JavaScript
Project Profile

Domain: Telecom
Technology: Java1.5, JDBC, Servlets, JSP
Module: BGW.
Database: Oracle 9i.
Tools: Log4j
Application Server: Weblogic 9.2 and 10.3.2
Role: Developer
Duration: Apr 2012 to till date
Team size: 5

  • This is an application designed to provide complete functionality for the user to help in activating, maintaining and modifying all the hardware and equipment at Verizon’s disposal.
  • Right from taking an order from a customer to provide the required hardware for his requirement, ITC-BGW is included with all the known work-flows.
  • This site acts as a one stop for all the business related transactions as well as ground level operations.
  • Communicating with the client and getting inputs for new requirements.
  • Making changes to code base for new features being added.
  • Proactively communicate with on-site people in resolving IRs.
  • Proactively helped the client in Build and Release Management.
  • Developed JSP pages for BGW application.
  • Writing FSD and USD Documents.

Domain: Pharma Coviligence
Technology: Java1.5, JDBC, Servlets, JSP
Module: Arisg Alerts.
Database: Oracle 9i.
Tools: Log4j
Application Server: Weblogic 9.2 and 10.3.2
Role: Developer
Duration: Jul 2010 to Oct 2011
Team size: 5

  • ArisGlobal Alerts is a real-time notification system designed to alert the concerned personnel about specific business events in real-time.
  • The architecture allows the application to monitor various business events occurring in the integrated applications.
  • An ‘Alert’ can be defined as a message or notification, which is sent or received.
  • It provides you real-time information on critical business events and exceptions when they occur.
  • The ArisGlobal Alerts application supports international languages.
  • The data entered by a user in languages such as Danish, Latin, Japanese are displayed in the corresponding language in the user interfaces.
  • The alerts sent to users through e-mail are also displayed in the appropriate languages.
  • Involved in coding for Arisg Alerts application.
  • Involved in the Unit Testing for Arisg Alerts application.
  • Involved in the Bug Fixing in Alerts application.
  • Developed Jsp pages for Alerts application.
  • Developed Engine for Alerts application.
  • Involved in Project Releases and Live Meetings with Clients.

Domain: Telecom (Mobile)
Technology: Servlets, Core Java, SyncML.
Environment: Windows 2000
Database: Oracle 9i.
Tools: Log4j.
Role: Team Member
Duration: May 09 to Jun 10

  • This module is used to handle all the SyncML related activities including decoding, encoding and persists the sync information, overall SyncML Logic handling and credential checking.
  • This module receives the incoming message from client and converts to XML format and parses the XML message and converts to SyncML object.
  • The generated SyncML object is passed to Synchronization logic handler for further processing.
  • The Synchronization logic handler analyzes the SyncML Object, validating the user credentials with the help of security module, executes the commands in the received message with the help of Database Interface Layer, creates response message based on the received client message, generating individual database map of each user.
  • Involved in the coding for Sync Handlers.
  • Written code for conflict resolution.
  • Used Jaxb Parser for parsing xml.
  • Involved in Unit Testing using Junit Test Framework.

Domain: Telecom (Mobile)
Technology: Core Java, JDBC, SyncML
Environment: Windows 2000
Database: Oracle 9i.
Tools: Log4j.
Role: Team Member
Duration: Oct 08 to May 09

  • The database connector module is interacting with the external database to perform the synchronization activity.
  • This module has some set of exposed API to perform different types of queries from the database.
  • This module uses Data Parser Module to convert the formatted string to corresponding object and fill the database attribute and update to the DB.
  • The fetched data from DB also convert back to vCard / vCalendar format before it is sent to SyncML Protocol module.
  • This Module also handles the map information of the database entities and the last anchor of the sync session.
  • The server has the support for the synchronization of the Contact and Calendar entities and each entity has its own separate map information and anchor of the synchronization session.
  • Written Code for Contact Connector Module.
  • Written Code for Calendar Connector Module.
  • Involved in the Unit Testing Contact Connector of module by using Junit Test Framework.
  • Involved in the Unit Testing of Calendar Connector of module by using Junit Test Framework.
  • Involved in the coding for VCARD and VCALENDAR parser.
  • Got Best Team Member award 2 times.
  • Got promotion twice in a year for my achivements.
Personal Details
Date of Birth:
Contact Address:
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Discussion Board
Java resume sample
Mansi Sharma
Tel: 9987******
Email Id - ******@yahoo.com

Career summary:
-Software Engineer with core background in Java technologies and web based J2EE applications
-Decent 2 years work experience in developing systems for IT companies with expertise into development tools and languages.

Technical Skills:
-Windows 98/2000/XP
-MS Office

Personal Attributes:
-Communication skills
-Team Player
-Analytical Skills

Professional Experience:

Company A – from 2010 to present
-Design, develop and maintain complex software while using Java as the main platform
-Build test codes for the software
-Implement the developed software
-Test for any faults and modify where necessary
-Participate in software design discussions and give suggestions

-Independently developed software for the clients
-Awarded as the top performer of the organization

Educational Qualification:
-Certificate course in Programming languages
-Passed TOEFL exams
-Diploma in Java Language
-Bachelor in Technology

Extra – curricular Activities:
-Member of the sports committee of the college
-Active member of the alumina committee of the college

Personal Details:
Date of birth – 7th July
Languages Known – English, Punjabi, Hindi.

Refrences Available on Request
Java resume sample 12-22-2012
Java j2EE resume
Email: aXXXXXXXX1985@gmail.com

Profile Overview:
-Approximately 3.5 yrs of Experience in Telecom domain as a developer.
-Knowledge of telecom domain in different areas like prepaid charging, provisioning, Value added services, Fixed IN Services, Electronic Recharges, CUG etc.
-Worked for both CDMA & GSM network technologies.
-Experience in Solution Design & Development of Prepaid Telecom with different Intelligent Network vendors i.e. Alcatel, Telcordia and Huawei Fixed IN using Java, and Oracle Technologies.
-Excellent problem solving, troubleshooting, and written documentation skills, Self-motivated, quick learner and hardworking, making it easy to handle multiple demands and competing priorities.
-Hands on experience in all stages of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

-M.Tech in Computer Science from XXXXXX Institute of Technology, in year 2008
-B.Tech in Information Technology from XXXXX Institute of Technology & Management, xxxxxx Technical University in year 2006

Technical Skills:
-Language : Java, J2ee, CORBA, Struts, JDBC, JSP, Servlets, Java Script
-Tools : JDeveloper, TOAD, SQL Developer, Oracle 10g App Server, Rational Clear Case
-Operating Systems : Windows 98/XP, Red Hat Linux
-Database : Oracle 10g

Domain Experience:
-Experience in developing Interface to Intelligent Networks (Telcordia/Alcatel/Huawei FIN).
-CDMA, GSM, VAS, DND, UAN & FPH services of Telecom.
-CORBA IN API testing.

Aug 2008 - till date with XXXXXXXX as developer

-Solution Environment: J2EE, CORBA, SQL, Oracle 10g AS, Oracle 10g Database, Telcordia/Alcatel IN, Huawei FIN
-Tools: JDeveloper 10.1.2, Toad, Rational Clear Case

-Requirements analysis and participation in IN Workshops and various discussions with TTSL IT Team and IN vendor team during requirements gathering phase.
-API Testing towards Telcordia/Alcatel IN and Huawei FIN systems.
-Development of several service management, online and bulk interfaces to support required OSS/BSS functionality.
-Integration testing with various VAS platforms from different vendors.
-Development of scripts and alerts for complaint handling and operations support; and automatic generation of Statistics, SLA monitoring, TPS monitoring reports.

Project # xxxx
-VPN Functionality
-Client: XXXXXX

-TTSL is offering VPN CUG functionality to existing/new post-paid customers.
-Since this is not supported in existing architecture these subscribers needs to be provisioned on IN platform.
-The subscribers will be provisioned on IN with a particular VPN ID and group by which IN will control the calls with in and across groups.

Project # XXXXXXX
-GSM Services For VMI
-Client : XXXXXXX

-VMI is launching GSM services pan India and this project deals with development of New OSS/BSS Interfaces towards new Telcordia GSM IN for Activation of prepaid subscribers on IN, Service Management scenarios, EVD, VAS real-time charging for prepaid GSM customers.
-This project is an extension to existing application which handles CDMA services.

Project # XXXXXX
-T24 Offers for Future Group

-The Future Group has initiated a process of launching mobile services with their own brand using the TTSL IT framework and business processes as enablers.
-There are few changes as desired by the Future Group in the existing TTSL IT Applications and business processes.
-This project deals with changing exiting TTSL IT processes to adhere to the needs of future group and allow them to set up their own services based on existing framework.

Project # XXXXXXX
-MNP Process for CDMA & GSM
-Client: XXXXXX

-Mobile number portability (MNP) enables mobile telephone users to retain their mobile telephone numbers when changing from one mobile network operator to another.
-Though, a subscriber will be able to retain his / her mobile number while switching from one Service Provider to another all the other network identities will change.
-All calls to and from the old mobile number will be serviced and billed by the new service provider.
-The customer care, voice mail, billing responsibilities, etc. will also shift to the new network operator.
-The objective of this project is to enumerate the business process & requirements to implement MNP for TTSL & TTSL GSM.

Project # XXXXX
-3G implementation for TTSL
-Client:XXXXXXXX Services Limited

-XXX-XXXXXX, the GSM unit of Tata Teleservices, has become the first GSM service provider to announce the launch of much anticipated 3G services in the country.
-The company is set to launch the 3G mobile services across nine circles - Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, Kerala, Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh (West), Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.
-With the launch of 3G, host of new services like mobile TV, location based services, VRBT, Video Mail, Video SMS etc.
-will be offered to XXX XXXXXXX subscribers.

Awards & Appreciations:
-Received appreciation from client for contribution in launching DOCOMO service.
-Received several Client Appreciations for implementing various process improvements in several functional areas in different technologies of GSM and CDMA like IN dump processing, Loyalty rewards processing, GPRC of Virgin Mobile, SMS BAL, Terminating Triggers updation applications.
-Team has been awarded as Best Team for its dedication and proactive work in meeting the business expectations with zero slippages.

-Watching TV

Personal Information:
-Date Of Birth:
Swati Das 11-27-2012
Java j2EE resume
Contact no.654****
Email id- ERT14***@gmail.com

Career Summary
-Over 6 years of experience with emphasis in object-oriented analysis, design and program-ming of web applications with java.
-Proficient in core java 1.5
-Exposure to retail banking domain (consumer banking & mortgage banking).
-Knowledge on unified modeling language (uml) and ooad (object oriented analysis and de-sign)
-Areas of interest are design and analysis of algorithms, data structures, design patterns
-Worked at singapore for dbs bank client through ibm india for requirements gathering and to design & support major releases for the internet banking application.

Professional profile
-Currently working as “applications developer” in jp morgan & chase india private limited from jul 2011 to till date.
-Worked as “senior software engineer” in ibm india pvt. Ltd. From may 2007 to jul 2011.
-Worked as a “programmer analyst” in cognizant from nov 2006 to may 2007.

Skill set:
-Operating systems-Aix, windows 9x, xp
-Programming languages-Core java (j2se 5.0)
-Scripting languages-Unix basic commands & shell scripting
-J2ee technologies-Jms, web services, ejb, xml, xslt, jdbc
-Web technologies-Jsp 1.2, servlets 2.3, html and java script.
-Frameworks-Struts 1.x, spring, hibernate
-Eontec- framework (proprietary)
-Application / web servers-Websphere 6.0 and tomcat 5.0.
-Databases-Db2 8.0, oracle 11 and ms-access.
-Sql, pl/sql
-Front-end technologies Flex

Tools used:
-Ide Rad 8.0, wsad5.0, xml spy, adobe flex builder, sql navigator 6.4, toad 10.6
-Uml & design tools-Rational rose, microsoft visio, siebel screen orchestrator
-Version-control-Rational clear case, svn tortoise
-Quality-control-Rational clear quest, hp quality center
-Microsoft tools-Ms office

Education Qulaification:
-MCA from H university with 81%
-BCA from H university with 76%

Project Title: Internet banking application
-Dbs is introducing the concept of straight through processing (stp) debit / credit cards.
-Customers will be able to apply for credit / debit cards online in any of the 3 ways: salary crediting account, upload of income documents, submit cpf statement online.
Role: requirements analysis, designer, developer
-Frequently customers used to be affected with double-debit issue in case of online funds-transfer or bill payments though the intention of the customer was to debit only once.
-Ibr servers faced the problem of high cpu utilization (almost touching 100%) though the number of concurrent users was with-in sla limits, which increased the response time of the user. I analyzed and simulated this issue in various environments to understand the root-cause of high cpu utilization and was successful in providing the fix
-Developed shell script programs for automation of different tasks like weekly and hourly monitoring of the internet banking application (exceptions, concurrent users, service level agreements, transactions per second, concurrent db connections), connect direct job status, rsa public key and key index rollover, d2pay sales and reversals counts hourly basis, etc in the production environment

-Sun certified java professional 5.0

Personal details
-Date of birth: 23/03/19**
-Languages known:English, hindi,tamil
-Interests:Cooking, Preparing photo frames
Rajvardhan Rane 11-27-2012