Java layout manager

Explain different layout manager in Java.

A layout manager organizes the objects in a container
Different layouts are used to organize or to arrange objects

1. Border Layout

- It has five areas for holding components: north, east, west, south and center
- When there are only 5 elements to be placed, border layout is the right choice

2. Flow Layout

- Default layout manager.
- It lays out the components from left to right

3. Card Layout

- Different components at different times are laid out
- Controlled by a combo box, determining which panel the Card layout displays

4. Grid Layout

- A group of components are laid out I equal size and displays them in certain rows and columns

5. Grid Bag Layout

- Flexible layout for placing components within a grid of cells
- Allows certain components to span more than one cell
- The rows of the grid are not of the same height and height
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