How java localizer works with Resource Bundles - Java Localization

Describe how java localizer works with Resource Bundles.

Localizer is the most popular way for localizing a Java application. The localizable information is persisted in “ .properties “ files. The localizer ‘Lingobit’ translates the required files into another language. For instance, the file would be translated into the following files:

- for German,
- for French
- for Spanish.

The resource bundle file will have the following statements: file – a comment in properties file starts with #

The code for loading the string for a specific code is as follows:
ResourceBundle myResources = ResourceBundle.getBundle("MyResources", currentLocale);
button1 = new Button(myResources.getString("OkKey"));
button2 = new Button(myResources.getString("CancelKey"));
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