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Localization vs. Internationalization

The adaptation of a document, product or an application in order to meet the cultural, language and specific location requirements. The location is also known as ‘locale’.

Localization is referred as ‘l10n’, where 10 is the number of alphabets between ‘l’ and ‘n’.

Localization is entailed for customization that is related to:

- Numeric, time and date formats
- Use of currency
- Keyboard usage
- Symbols, colors and icons

A comprehensive rethinking of logic, visual design etc., may be necessitated by Localization, for various ways of doing business, if a locale differs from originating culture.

Internationalization is the development, design of products, application or document contents for enabling the easy localization for the target audience of various region, culture and language.

Internationalization is referred as ‘i18n’, where 18 is the number of alphabets between ‘i’ and ‘n’.

Internationalization is entailed for
- Designing and developing in a specific way which removes various barriers to localization or international deployment by including use of Unicode or ensuring the proper legacy character handling for encoding wherever is appropriate.

- Providing features that are not supported by localization are provided. For instance, adding the support of CSS for vertical text or non-Latin typographic features.

- Separating localizable elements from source code or content, such that localized alternatives can be loaded or selected based on the user's international preferences as needed.
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