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Managing Director Resume - Sample 1

Mobile: 98********
Email: manu******@gmail.com
  • Ex Army Officer–CEO/Managing Director, Team Leader-Vice-President-General Manager- Business Development – Profit Centre Management- Strategic Alliance.
  • Over X years of broad based experience as a CEO/Managing Director of a Recruitment Agency/company and in HR and Administration at the senior level and also managed Companies as CEO like Riverside Industries Ltd and Jindal Drugs Ltd as a Profit Centre Head.
  • Strong analytical skills and business instincts and the ability to manage a wide variety of activities and staff towards a common goal.
  • Excellent administrative ability and high proficiency in operations and facility management.
  • Proven track record for proactively identifying, isolating and solving business problems.
  • Hands-on leader with strong expertise in company operations and administration.
  • High Ability and skill in public relations.
  • Excellent problem solving skill and crisis management. Handling legal areas along with outstanding communication.
  • Well versed with upcoming technology, especially pertaining to the bunderstanding of high end platforms such as Apple iOS Development, Creative Programs such as XXXX, XXXX including Director Cut, Aperture, etc.
  • Manage the usage
  • Good managerial skills.
  • Optimistic.
  • Responsible for all aspects of personnel management and HRD including, recruitment industrial relation and labor welfare.
  • Involved in the general administration of the corporate office.
  • Efficiently handled the legal matters for the company.
  • Involved in the selection and recruitment of the staff.
  • Formulated strategies to ensure high performance of the manpower/work force.
  • Independently managed the advertising division as a Profit Centre Head to the satisfaction of the management.
  • Overlooked and formulated marketing strategies to ensure wider customer base and developed new corporate clients.
  • Expanded the customer base through a variety of effective sales techniques.
  • Responsible for the overall performance of the branch.
  • Generated reports on the overall performance of the company to the Chairman and Managing Director.
  • Ensured profit of the Division after wiping off the loses with diligence and administrative acumen.
  • Promoted from General Manager to Vice President in the year 19XX.
  • Created an efficient complete Personal Department and made complete compendium of Administrative Orders.
1. Company: XXXX India Pvt. Ltd. Aug’ 20XX to Till Now
Location: Noida (U.P)

2. Company: XXXX Pvt Ltd June 20XX to April 20XX

3. Company: XXXX October 20XX to May 20XX
Designation: Officer on Special Duty
20XX: MBA (International Business) from University XXXXX (Grade A).
19XX: BCom from University XXXXX (Grade A)
Date of Birth: 11th January 19XX
Address:Pune, Maharashtra.
Languages Known: Hindi and English.

Managing Director Resume - Sample 2

Krishnan XXXX
Email Id: krxxxxxxxx@yahoo.com
Email ID: 98xxxxxxxx
  • Start up Specialist with experience in Satellite Television, Satellite Radio, Motion Pictures.
  • Experience as Managing Director for 5 years and CFO for 6 years.
  • A Finance Professional with a degree in Chartered Accountancy and Cost Accountancy.
  • Associate Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
  • Graduate Membership of the Institute of Cost & Works Accountants of India
  • B.Com., xxxxx College of Commerce and Economics, University of XXXXX
Company : XXXXXX
Designation : Managing Director

  • First task was to bring funding into Phat Phish. It was in hibernation for about a year, but had a unique creative DNA.
  • It had potential to be a company in the league of a Yahoo or a Google if it expanded the initial sparks shown in music video production, its advertising productions and its music albums into newer areas of content and scaled up existing business streams.
  • The first task was to get funding into the company and funding of US$6 Mn was secured for Phat Phish by me after an intensive process of 7 months.
  • The second task was to expand the content strength of Phat Phish from a niche creative hotshop into areas of Motion Pictures and Television.
  • This also meant creating monetising models that would support the economic success because the creative process and the products were unique and untried.
  • This meant using the Live event's route for the record label and creating initial products that would drive visibility and long term partnerships with certain key players in the motion picture industry.
  • The other element of the strategy was that the content of Phat Phish, both music and movies, had a global and universal feel to bring in international markets.
  • The overarching strategy was to drive community creation for the brand across the spectrum of its products - be it music, movies or television.
  • Past success in the motion pictures, the next step was to expand into television with a large show with Doordarshan and AR Rahman.
  • With the increasing focus on rural markets, DD is going to be an important player and a long term partnership with DD would put Phat Phish in a strong position to drive leadership in the television software business.
  • The products selected and launched were unique to build Phat Phish into a national brand with a very unique and yet mainstream appeal.
  • Its film Frozren was the only new film to be selected in the Toronto Festival and that opened the International markets for Phat Phish.
  • JS2 based in LA and New York were the International PR agencies.
  • Quick Gun Murugun became a National brand (came on Amul's Hoardings too) and now is being released internationally.
  • Set up Phat Phish now for a take off with some significant content partnerships and a unique mark in the content brand space.
Company : XXXXXX
Designation: Managing Director

  • Came back to WorldSpace to move them from a project to a commercial enterprise.
  • WorldSpace was in a financial crunch. Employee morale was an all time low.
  • There was no money for anything coming from Worldspace headquarters except payroll.
The task at hand was complex. Here's a snap shot.
  • Hardware challenges: There was a need for a low cost radio to drive the subscriber volumes. All radios were imported. The people loved the concept, but price was high. The achievement was to work with BPL and develop a low cost model. However, BPL itself was in a funding crisis and they could not roll out. There was no funding.
  • Sales challenges: The sales model involved bundling a hardware and subscription together at a retail point (which now is being followed by all the DTH players). This was never done before. Even cell phones sold hardware and service separately.
  • Technology challenges: Like any other DTH service, Worldspace needed an external antenna to receive signals. The setting up of an installation team and setting up installation processes on building tops was a significant effort. It is now used in most DTH operations.
  • Content challenges: Conceptualize the content offering of the channels to suit domestic audience. Launched 10 new channels. Set up a strong content team.
  • Revenue Model challenges: Implemented the business model of paying a subscription for radio. First time ever in the world anybody had set up and implemented a subscription system - right from devising the subscription contracts to pricing models and collection processes was something I drove and executed.
  • Setting up the back office, including customer care processes and retention strategies.
  • Marketing strategy of using content to create communities of audiences. This led to a unique strategy of creating Experience stores in Bangalore (and later on in Mumbai and Delhi) so that customers could experience the service and use experiential marketing to drive adoption.
  • The key was to break this stranglehold of lack of funds.
  • This cycle could only be broken by closing out a working capital funding intervention - which also was difficult with the debt-heavy corporate balance sheet of Worldspace.
  • We managed to financial structure a modest working capital deal with a Nationalised bank. This suddenly was used to fund the manufacturer to produce Radios to be sent to the retailers and the rest followed.
  • This demonstration of proof of concept led to the WorldSpace headquarters securing the funding from UBS (all for end use in India) and subsequent listing on Nasdaq.
  • Left behind a great team, flush with funds, a threshold level of subscribers to self sustain the business and a proven model of subscription business to build up on.
Company : XXXXXXXX
Designation : CFO and Group Financial Controller.

  • Data Access was a startup, set up as a JV between a local group stracon and PCCW of HongKong.
  • The objective was to set up the International Long Distance Telephony business and then basic telephony business - both of which were expected to be privatised.
  • The role was to be the nominee of the principal stakeholder PCCW in the venture. This required unique skills of managing a JV environment - on one end working closely with the MD (who was the local JV partner) to deliver the business and, on the other end, the fiduciary role of protection of the resources of the funds of the investor and ensuring that the controls and processes ensured effective utilisation of the resources.
  • The key contribution was to ensure that the rollout of the telecom project - both the ISP and the Long distance telephony, was executed within the budgeted costs. This involved project management tracking, vendor negotiations and also discussions with retailer network for the ISP.
  • In the finance function, the key role was, again, to set up processes for the Telephony business. The unique thing about the telephony business is that a lot of the controls have to be deeply integrated with technology, especially areas like revenue assurance. As a part of this, rolled out Oracle Financials across the company and IT integrated Revenue Assurance processes along with Arthur Andersen who were engaged to set it up.
  • On the other hand, B2C systems like revenue/collection infrastructure like drop boxes, mails and online processes to be set up across the country, was a new challenge. Finally the key delivery was to ensure top line and bottom-line was delivered as per the business plan.
Company : XXXXXXX
Designation : CFO

  • The key role in Worldspace as the CFO was to initially work on the regulatory clearance to set up a 100% foreign entity in India and set up the finance function in India to be in readiness for the business commencement.
  • One of the key contributions from my end was to drive the concept of introducing a subscription model for WorldSpace while the Corporate headquarters in the US was looking at an advertising sales model since subscription radio was, again, unheard of.
  • The other avenue was to create a business and pricing model for selling satellite space to broadcasters and getting broadcasters on board to broadcast content.
  • The finance operational process included setting up of the finance team, and devising systems and processes, reporting mechanisms and implementing the ERP for accounting.
Company : XXXXXXX
Designation : Manager Finance

  • Joined as a Management Trainee and then was posted in one of the new Divisions of ITC - The International Business Division.
  • I reported to the Divisional Financial Controller.
  • The key role was of a Management Accountant - budget planning and working closely as a support to operations.
  • Also budget reviews and reporting to the Corporate headquarters in Calcutta.
  • Most Assignments in my career have been in businesses that have been unchartered.
  • My role chiefly has been to wedge a path and bring the business/function to a level from where scale up is possible.
  • This also largely meant that in addition to skills of having a clarity on the road ahead, or workarounds against road blocks, keeping a strong team highly motivated in difficult circumstances.
Date of Birth:
Languages known:
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