Steps to participate in event like exhibition or tradeshow - Marcom

What steps would you follow to participate in an event like exhibition or tradeshow? How would you ensure your media coverage?

The following are the steps taken to participate in an event like exhibition or trade show:

- Identifying the participation of target audience and know-how of the events
- Negotiate stall rates with the organizing partner and finalize
- Evaluate the feasibility of internal events budget to justify the participation
- Prepare a blue print highlighting the outcomes and measurable objectives out of participating in this event
- Getting a formal approval from the authorities to sign off
- Prepare the marketing collaterals and negotiating the contract with vendors sourcing it
- Creating checklists of all the items to be sent to the organizing event spot/place/location
- Allocate required manpower to support the company’s stall
- Working out the logistics plan on a whole
- Train the employees in customer service skills to enhance the maximum footfalls in the stall
- Collect the customer’s information like name, address, phone number, email id etc. for CRM
- Measure and monitor the effectiveness of the event using simple feedback surveys
- Document the happenings during the event partipation to overcome the gaps for future events in order to get the maximum out of it.
- Last but least, showcase the events participation with help of media planning for wider reach by means of product review, press release both online and offline etc.
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