2015 National Medal of Arts and National Humanities Medal announced

Q.  The 2015 National Medal of Arts and the National Humanities Medals recipients issued by the White House include:
- Published on 16 Sep 16

a. Mel Brooks
b. Moran Freeman
c. Terry Gross
d. All of the above

ANSWER: All of the above
2015 National Medal of Arts and National Humanities Medal announcedOn 14th Sept 2016, the White House announced the list of medal winners including Mel Brooks, Berry Gordy, Philip Glass and Audra McDonald for the National medal of arts and Wynton Marsalis and Terry Gross for the Humanities honour.
  • The recipients for each of the honours are given below:
National Medal of Arts

i. Mel Brooks, Actor, Comedian and Writer
ii. Sandra Cisneros, Author
iii. Eugene O’Neill Theater Center
iv. Morgan Freeman, Actor
v. Philip Glass, Composer
vi. Berry Gordy, Record Producer & Songwriter
vii. Santiago Jiménez, Jr., Musician
viii. Moises Kaufman, Director & Playwright
ix. Ralph Lemon, Dancer, Choreographer, Writer, & Visual Artist
x. Audra McDonald, Actress & Singer
xi. Luis Valdez, Playwright, Actor, Writer & Director
xii. Jack Whitten, Painter

National Humanities Medal

i. Rudolfo Anaya, Author
ii. José Andrés, Chef & Entrepreneur
iii. Ron Chernow, Author
iv. Louise Glück, Poet
v. Terry Gross, Radio Host & Producer
vi. James McBride, Author
vii. Louis Menand, Author
viii. Elaine Pagels, Historian & Author
ix. Prison University Project, Higher Education Program
x. Abraham Verghese, Physician, Professor & Author
xi. Isabel Wilkerson, Journalist & Author
  • National Medal of Arts is an award created by US Congress in 1984
  • It was created for honouring artists and patrons of art
  • It is the highest honour for people of arts on behalf of US
  • Honourees are selected by National Endowment for Arts and presented the award by the US President
  • Medal for the award was designed by sculptor Robert Graham

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