Abbreviate JMS - EJB - Java Message Service

Q.  Abbreviate the term JMS?
- Published on 22 Jul 15

a. Java Message Service
b. Java Monitor Service
c. Java Message Session
d. Java Monitor Session

ANSWER: Java Message Service


  • Nirja Shah   -Posted on 14 Dec 15
    - The Java Message Service is a Java API that allows applications to create, send, receive, and read messages.

    - Designed by Sun and several partner companies, the JMS API defines a common set of interfaces and associated semantics that allow programs written in the Java programming language to communicate with other messaging implementations.

    - The JMS API minimizes the set of concepts a programmer must learn in order to use messaging products but provides enough features to support sophisticated messaging applications.

    - It also strives to maximize the portability of JMS applications across JMS providers in the same messaging domain.

    - The JMS API enables communication that is not only loosely coupled but also:
    Asynchronous: A JMS provider can deliver messages to a client as they arrive; a client does not have to request messages in order to receive them.

    Reliable: The JMS API can ensure that a message is delivered once and only once. Lower levels of reliability are available for applications that can afford to miss messages or to receive duplicate messages.

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