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Q.  Identify the type of absorption dynamometer ?
- Published on 06 Aug 15

a. Epicyclic dynamometer
b. Prony brake dynamometer
c. Torsion dynamometer
d. Tatham dynamometer

ANSWER: Prony brake dynamometer


  • Sravanthi   -Posted on 19 Oct 15
    - Transmission and absorption dynamometers are the different types of dynamometers.

    - Dynamometers can measure the power absorbed during braking. It can also measure the frictional resistance.

    - Frictional resistance is used to determine torque transmitted and the power of the engine.

    - Dynamometers in which power is measured, without being absorbed during transmission is called as transmission dynamometer.

    Absorption dynamometer

    - Absorption dynamometer is a device measuring power of an engine in which energy supplied is absorbed.

    - The work done by engine in absorption dynamometer is absorbed by frictional resistance of the brake and converted into heat.

    - Absorption dynamometers are used to measure moderate powers.

    - The different types of absorption dynamometers are:

    1) Prony brake dynamometer
    2) Rope brake dynamometer

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