Ackermann steering gear mechanism - Basic Mechanical Engineering

Q.  Which of the following inversions of four bar chain, convert oscillatory motion from one lever to another lever?
- Published on 01 Sep 15

a. Ackermann steering gear mechanism
b. Beam engine mechanism
c. Coupled wheels of locomotive
d. All of the above

ANSWER: Ackermann steering gear mechanism


  • Sravanthi    -Posted on 12 Nov 15
    - Double lever mechanism: This is the third inversion of four bar chain. It is used for transmitting oscillatory motion from one lever to another. Ackermann steering gear mechanism is an example of double lever mechanism.

    - Link 2 and 4 are in equal in length and are called as levers. These links oscillate whenever the vehicle takes a right turn.

    - If the vehicle turns towards right, the angle α increases as link 4 turns and on the other side when the link 2 turns it decreases the angle α. As link 2 and 4 oscillate, this mechanism is called as double lever mechanism or Ackermann steering gear mechanism.

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