Ad hoc Testing is done without Planning & Documentation - Testing types and levels

Q.  Which of the following type of testing is done without Planning and Documentation?
- Published on 14 Aug 15

a. Unit Testing
b. Retesting
c. Ad hoc Testing
d. Regression Testing

ANSWER: Ad hoc Testing


  • Prajakta Pandit   -Posted on 10 Nov 15
    - Ad hoc testing is done without planning and documentation.

    - This testing is done after formal testing is performed on the application.

    - Forms of Ad hoc testing :

      - 1. Buddy Testing
      - 2. Pair Testing
      - 3. Monkey Testing

    - Buddy Testing : Two buddies, one from development team and one from test team mutually work on identifying defects in the same module.

    - Pair Testing : Two testers are assigned the same modules and they share ideas and work on the same systems to find defects.

    - Monkey Testing : Testing is performed randomly without any test cases in order to break the system.

    - It can be performed when there is limited time to do exhaustive testing.

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