Alligation or Mixture - Quantitative Aptitude (MCQ) questions for Q. 759

Q.  An empty bottle weighs 1/6th of the full bottle. When a certain percent of water was removed and the bottle was weighed, the weight of the bottle turned out to be 1/3rd of the bottle when it was full. What is the percent of water removed?
- Published on 06 Jul 15

a. 70%
b. 85%
c. 80%
d. 75%

Let the weight of full bottle be 6kg.
Therefore, weight of empty bottle is 1kg and that of water is 5kg.
If x% of water is removed, the weight of the bottle becomes 2kg.
Therefore, the amount of water removed is 4kg.
% of water removed = 4/5 *100 = 80%

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