Angular momentum of gas in free vortex of vaneless diffuser

Q.  Angular momentum of gas in the free vortex of vaneless diffuser ___________.
- Published on 16 Sep 15

a. increases
b. decreases
c. remains constant
d. becomes unpredictable

ANSWER: remains constant


  • Pankaj   -Posted on 15 Oct 15
    - Conversion of kinetic energy of gases leaving the impeller into pressure energy, before discharge through the volute casing, is the function of diffuser. A certain shaping of diffuser blades provides an increased passage of area to the air and this leads to conversion of kinetic energy into pressure energy by diffusion.

    - The diffusion process of the gases during the flow from smaller diameter to larger diameter leads to the rise of static pressure in vaneless diffuser. Such a flow in vaneless space is called as free vortex in which the angular moment of gas remains constant.

    - The velocity of the air passing through the diffuser of centrifugal pump decreases after the impeller.

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