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Q.  Which protocol is used to find the hardware address of a local device?
- Published on 27 Aug 15

a. ARP
b. IP



  • Prajakta Pandit   -Posted on 20 Oct 15

    - ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) is used to find the hardware address from a known IP address.

    - The Internet is based on IP addresses. Data link protocols (Ethernet, FDDI, ATM) may have different (MAC) addresses.

    - The ARP protocols perform the translation between IP addresses and MAC layer addresses.

    - ARP is also said to be a protocol used to resolve address mapping between layers in LAN.

    - Why ARP ?

        - It provides MAC address 48 bit unique in the LAN.
        - Hardware addresses are not computable from protocol address.
        - Used static table in ARPANET.

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