Astronomers discover largest galaxy cluster 8.5 billion light years away

Q.  Astronomers have discovered a galaxy cluster in a remote part of the universe which has been identified as the most massive structure found 8.5 billion light years away on 4th November 2015. What is the cluster called?
- Published on 05 Nov 15

a. MOO J1142+1527
b. COO J1142+1527
c. DOO J1142+1527
d. KOO J1142+1527

ANSWER: MOO J1142+1527
Astronomers discovered a giant galaxy in the remote parts of the universe said to be the most massive structure found 8.5 billion light years away. This cluster was spotted using NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope and Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE). These clusters are galaxies bound together by gravity. As they acquire new members, clusters increase in size over time. The galaxy cluster called Massive Overdense Object (MOO) J1142+1527 was present 8.5 billion years ago, long before Earth was formed.

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