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Q.  How many types of authentication ASP.NET supports?
- Published on 16 Jun 15

a. Windows Authentication.
b. .NET Passport Authentication.
c. Forms Authentication.
d. All of the above.

ANSWER: All of the above.
Windows authentication

It is enabled by default. When Windows authentication is enabled, users are identified by their Microsoft Windows account names.

.NET Passport authentication

It is a centralized service provided by Microsoft. .NET Passport allows users to create a single sign-in name and password to access any site that is uses .NET

Passport authentication

.NET Passport does only authentication not authorization. Passport simply tells a participating site who the user is. MSN and Hotmail uses .NET Passport authentication..

Forms authentication

In this authentication users are typically identified by a cookie. When a user is authenticated, an encrypted cookie is added to the user’s browser. As the user moves from page to page, the user is identified by the cookie.

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