Authors & their definitions of quality - Metrology & Quality Control

Q.  Match the following group 1 items (Authors) with group 2 items (Definitions)

1. Juran ------------------------------------------------- A. Quality is conformance to requirements
2. Crossby ---------------------------------------------  B. Quality in essence is a way of managing the organization  
3. Hoshin ----------------------------------------------- C. Quality is fitness for use
4. Feigenbaum ----------------------------------------- D. Quality is correcting and preventing loss,not living with loss

- Published on 07 Aug 15

a. 1 – A, 2 – D, 3 – B, 4 – C
b. 1 – C, 2 – A, 3 – D, 4 - B
c. 1 – B, 2 – A, 3 – C, 4 - D
d. 1 – D, 2 – A, 3 – B, 4 - C

ANSWER: 1 – C, 2 – A, 3 – D, 4 - B


  • Sravanthi   -Posted on 27 Oct 15

    - Juran defined quality as fitness for use. He has also contributed to total quality management.
    - According to Juran, maximum problems are caused due to management and less than 20% problems are due to workers. Companies should avoid motivational campaigns and set specific goals. Planning, control and improvement are the three steps to achieve quality.


    - Crosby defined quality as conformance to requirements. Zero defects program was initiated by Crosby.
    - The principle of 'doing it right the first time' was the response of Crosby during quality crisis.


    - Hoshin defined quality for correcting and preventing loss. Hoshin is a cyclic process and the review of previous years performance is considered as basis for next plan.


    - Feigenbaum defined quality as essence of managing the organization. According to Feigenbaum, customer satisfaction is achieved if quality development, quality maintenance and quality improvement efforts are integrated in an effective system such as total quality control.

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