Axially loaded unsymmetrical welded joint formula

Q.  Axially loaded unsymmetrical welded joint is shown below, if total length of the weld is (la + lb)  then length of weld la is given as
- Published on 14 Sep 15

a. (b / (a+b)) x l
b. (a / (a+b)) x l
c. (a / (a -b)) x l
d. (b / (a-b)) x l

ANSWER: (b / (a+b)) x l


  • Richard Kaijage   -Posted on 07 Jul 22
    Great idea
  • Sravanthi   -Posted on 06 Nov 15
    Moment = It is the combination of physical quantity and a distance.

    The total length of weld acting on unsymmetrical welded joint is considered as (la + lb)

    - Moment acting on top weld = τ a t la

    - Moment acting on bottom weld = τ a t lb

    here, t is the thickness of weld and is same for both the sides.

    - Moment acting on left weld = Moment acting on right weld

    Therefore, τ a t la = τ a t lb

    lb = (a la) / b

    Since, l = (la + lb)

    Substituting the value of lb = (a la) / b

    la =( b / a +b) x l

    lb =( a / a +b) x l

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