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Q.  In DOL fuses are provided to protect against
- Published on 02 Sep 15

a. Short circuit protection
b. Over voltage
c. Over current
d. Over load

ANSWER: Short circuit protection


  • Venkatesh   -Posted on 25 Jan 21
  • kiran borude   -Posted on 03 Dec 16
    Normally fuses are not designed to provide overload protection. Fuse is protecting against short circuits (over current protection). Motors draw a high inrush current when starting and conventional fuses have no way of distinguishing between this temporary and harmless inrush current and a damaging overload. Selection of Fuse is depend on motor full-load current, would “blow” every time the motor is started. On the other hand, if a fuse were chosen large enough to pass the starting or inrush current, it would not protect the motor against small, harmful overloads that might occur later
  • kiran borude   -Posted on 03 Dec 16
    The use of DOL starters is restricted up to smaller rating motors, as these starters do not limit the starting current. The essential elements of a DOL starter include a main contactor and protective devices.

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