Benefits of Neem Coated Urea

Q.  Which of the following observations were made regarding the neem coated urea?

1) Reduced pest attack
2) Diversion of neem coated urea to non-agricultural uses
3) Improved soil health

- Published on 22 Dec 16

a. 2, 3
b. 1, 2
c. 1, 3
d. All of the above

ANSWER: 1, 3
The findings of said study are as under:
  • Improvement in soil health.
  • Reduction in costs with respect to plant protection chemicals
  • Reduction in pest and disease attack
  • Increase in Yield
  • Diversion of highly subsidized urea towards non-agricultural purposes is found to be negligible among farmers after the introduction of the mandatory policy of production and distribution of only neem coated urea.

    Based on the CCEA decision, Department of Fertilizers has made it mandatory for all the domestic producers of urea to produce 100% as Neem Coated Urea. Entire quantity of indigenously produced urea and imported urea is being neem coated.

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