Bipolar design technology & its advantages

Q.  Which among the following are specifically the advantages of bipolar design technology?

A. High input resistance at low frequencies
B. Zero input bias current
C. High voltage gain
D. High value of transconductance

- Published on 24 Sep 15

a. A & B
b. A & C
c. B & D
d. C & D



  • Satyawati Patil   -Posted on 07 Oct 15
    The fundamental design techniques include bipolar technology & MOS technology. They exhibit assortments in the perspective of advantages provided by them. As far as bipolar design technology is concerned, it provides higher values of transconductance. Higher the value of transconductance, higher is the voltage gain.

    Similarly, the advantages offered by MOS design technology includes very high input resistance at low frequencies,resulting into zero input bias current.

    All these advantages provided by bipolar & MOS technologies are blended together in the form of BiCMOS technology. Since BiCMOS technology is a combination of bipolar & MOS technologies, it can be adopted for analog as well as digital circuits.

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