Blade speed ratio of impulse turbine

Q.  The blade speed ratio of impulse turbine is given as ___________
- Published on 16 Sep 15

a. (Blade velocity) / (Steam velocity at inlet)
b. (Blade velocity) / (Steam velocity at exit)
c. (Steam velocity at inlet) / (Blade velocity)
d. (Steam velocity at exit) / (Blade velocity)

ANSWER: (Blade velocity) / (Steam velocity at inlet)


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    This is quite good for a mechanical engineer.
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    Is it desirable or not ?
  • Rajan    -Posted on 22 Nov 17
  • Rajan    -Posted on 22 Nov 17
  • Pankaj   -Posted on 13 Oct 15
    The impulse turbine works on the principle of impulse. Therefore it follows the impulse momentum equation.

    Blade velocity of impulse turbine is given by,

    Cb = (π d N) / 60

    d = Drum diameter

    N = Speed of turbine in r.p.m.

    Stem velocity at inlet is represented by Ci

    Blade speed ratio of an impulse turbine can be defined as the ratio of blade velocity to steam velocity at inlet.

    s = (Blade velocity) / (Steam velocity at inlet)

    s = Cb / Ci

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