Blood Relations and Family Tree - Logical Reasoning (MCQ) Questions for Q. 29924

Q.  Read the following information carefully and answer the questions below.

1. P x Q means P is the father of Q
2. P - Q means P is the sister of Q
3. P + Q means P is the mother of Q
4. P ÷ Q means P is the brother of Q

In the expression, B + D x M ÷ N, how is M related to B?

- Published on 08 May 17

a. Son
b. Grandson
c. Granddaughter
d. Daughter

ANSWER: Grandson
B + D x M ÷ N means B is the mother of D who is the father of M, who, in turn, is the brother of N.

Thus, M is the son of D, whose mother is B i.e. M is B’s grandson.
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