BRICS Labour and Employment Ministers’ declaration

Q.  Which of the following are linked to the informality in labour market?

1) Low income jobs
2) Sufficient access only to basic services
3) Lack of social protection

- Published on 07 Oct 16

a. 1, 3
b. 2, 3
c. 1, 2
d. All of the above

ANSWER: 1, 3
  • Informality in the labour market remains a big challenge for all BRICS member states.
  • Informality is often linked to low income jobs, lack of social protection and insufficient access to basic services.
  • Recognizing the multiple issues in our national labour markets context, BRICS is committed to tackling both the existing as well as emerging forms of informality.
  • Consistent with the objectives of the ILO Recommendation No.204, BRICS aims at improving the livelihood of workers engaged in the informal economy and facilitating their transition to the formal economy, while at the same time enhancing the productivity and competitiveness of enterprises.
  • BRICS encourages the adoption of measures to enhance employability of workers in the informal economy through expanding social security, skilling and re-skilling of the workforce and adopting amongst others of a regulatory environment, which promotes formalization through easier compliance and adequate safeguards for labour rights.

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