Calculate current flowing in secondary winding of single phase transformer, given current flowing in primary winding

Q.  In a 5 kV / 400V, 75 kVA single phase transformer, the current flowing in the primary winding of transformer is 10A. what will be the current flowing in the secondary winding?
- Published on 29 Oct 15

a. 100A
b. 120A
c. 125A
d. 130A



  • Vijay    -Posted on 16 May 20
    K= transformer ratio
    Where V2 is secondary side voltage
    V1 is Primary side voltage
    Now K= 400/5KV
    k= 400/5000= 12.5
    Again k= I1/I2
    I1 is primary current
    And I2 is secondary current
    12.5= 10A/I2
    I2 = 12.5*10= 125A
  • Manashi kalita   -Posted on 18 Mar 19
    K= transformation ratio.
    K= 400/5*10^3
    Given, I1= 10A
    So, I2= I1/k
    = 10 /.08

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