Calculate kVA rating for maximum efficiency of 600 kVA transformer, given iron losses & copper losses

Q.  A 600 kVA transformer has iron losses of 400 kW and copper losses of 500 kW. Its kVA rating for maximum efficiency is given by
- Published on 29 Oct 15

a. 537 kVA
b. 548 kVA
c. 555 kVA
d. 585 kVA



  • Muhammed Rashid Pathoor   -Posted on 11 Jul 21
    kVA max.=Rated kVA(root(Iron loss/Copeer loss))
    kVA max.=600(root(400/500))
  • vampit   -Posted on 26 Jan 19
    nice article
  • Sarang   -Posted on 14 Dec 18
    Loading factor (X)=vwi/wcu
    KVAmax= X x KVA
    KVA max= 0.894 X 600= 536.65= 537

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