Carburising method has high production rate

Q.  Which carburising method has high production rate?
- Published on 11 Sep 15

a. Pack carburising
b. Liquid carburising
c. Gas carburising
d. All of the above

ANSWER: Gas carburising


  • Sravanthi    -Posted on 12 Nov 15
    - The method of enriching surface layer of low carbon steel with carbon is called as carburising. This method is used to produce a hard case by diffusing atomic carbon in surface layer of component. This makes the surface layer hard and wear resistant.

    - Carburising is generally carried at 900°C to 950°C. Fully austenite phase is required in this technique as carbon has more solubility in austenite.

    - Different types of carburising methods are as follows: Pack carburizing, liquid carburizing and gas carburizing.

    Gas carburizing:

    - In this method, metallic components are heated in gaseous atmosphere. Carbon atom is deposited by decomposition on the surface of components.

    - This method has low cost and clean working conditions. It has high flexibility and accommodates components of each size and shape.

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