Carrier modulating principle - Taylor-Hobson-Talysurf tester - Metrology & Quality Control

Q.  Which principle does Taylor-Hobson-Talysurf tester work on?
- Published on 07 Aug 15

a. Capacitive demodulating principle
b. Intensity modulating principle
c. Inductive modulating principle
d. Carrier modulating principle

ANSWER: Carrier modulating principle


  • Sravanthi   -Posted on 26 Oct 15
    - Taylor-Hobson-Talysurf tester is a direct measuring instrument to measure roughness of a surface.

    - This instrument is an electronic roughness meter and is based on carrier modulating principle.

    - A diamond stylus is used to measure roughness. Up down motion of stylus results in air gap and amplitude of current flowing through the coil gets modulated.

    - The flow of current is proportional to the displacement of stylus, when modulated output of bridge is demodulated.

    - A pen is operated by demodulated output of the bridge which gives a permanent record of roughness profile.

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