CASE abbreviation - Software Specification & Measurement - Computer Aided Software Engineering

Q.  CASE Tool stands for.
- Published on 22 Jul 15

a. Computer Aided Software Engineering
b. Component Aided Software Engineering
c. Constructive Aided Software Engineering
d. Computer Analysis Software Engineering

ANSWER: Computer Aided Software Engineering


  • Nirja Shah   -Posted on 06 Oct 15
    - CASE stands for Computer Aided Software Engineering which is a software that supports one or more software engineering activities within a software development process, and is gradually becoming popular for the development of software as they are improving in the capabilities and functionality and are proving to be beneficial for the development of quality software.

    - Whenever a new system is installed, the implementation integrates a number of related and different tasks.

    - The process has to be efficiently organized and it is for this very reason that CASE tools are developed.

    - CASE helps in the installation process that can be automated and coordinated within the developed and adopted system life cycle.

    - They are the software engineering tools that permit collaborative software development and maintenance.

    - Almost all the phases of the software development life cycle are supported by them such as analysis; design, etc., including umbrella activities such as project management, configuration management etc.

    - CASE tools also support standard software development methods such as Jackson Structure programming or structured system analysis and design method.

    - They support the following development steps for developing data base application:

    1. Creation of data flow and entity models
    2. Establishing a relationship between requirements and models
    3. Development of top-level design
    4. Development of functional and process description
    5. Development of test cases.

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