CASE tools support different stages of software development life cycle

Q.  The tools that support different stages of software development life cycle are called _______ .
- Published on 24 Jul 15

a. CASE Tools
b. CAME tools
c. CAQE tools
d. CARE tools



  • Prajakta Pandit   -Posted on 24 Aug 15
    - CASE stands for Computer Aided Software Engineering which supports different software engineering activities within a SDLC process.
    - CASE tools are designed to improve the quality and upgrade the computer system.
    - CASE tools provide computerized settings to the developers to analyze problems and then design its system model.
    - All the phases of SDLC are supported by CASE tools such as analysis, design, post implementation etc.. The tools also support some umbrella activities such as configuration management, requirement management, project management etc.
    - The SDLC process is very expensive and sometime the project become more complex in nature so its more difficult for the implementation, in this situation the developers looking for such CASE tools that helps in many different development phases of the software.

    - The following reasons tell us why CASE tools are developed,
    - Quick installation
    - Time saving (For Coding and Testing)
    - Create and manipulate documentation
    - Transfer the information between tools efficiently.
    - Improve graphical techniques and data flow.
    - Perfect use of available information.
    - Enhanced analysis and design development.
    - Increased speed during the system development.

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