Change in velocity of steam in nozzle

Q.  How does the change in velocity of the steam in steam nozzle take place? Select the correct graph in the diagram below.
- Published on 16 Sep 15

a. (1)
b. (2)
c. (3)
d. (4)



  • Pankaj   -Posted on 13 Oct 15
    A passage of uniformly varying cross-section area in which the kinetic energy of steam increasing at the expense of its pressure energy is called as steam nozzle. As the velocity of steam increases in nozzle, the graph number (3) in the diagram shown above is the correct graph showing change in velocity of steam throughout the steam nozzle and the graph no. (2) is wrong. The velocity of steam does not increase linearly so the graph no. (1) is also wrong as well as the does not become constant after passing throat, so the graph no. (4) is also wrong.

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