Characteristics of alloy

Q.  The alloy of Ti + 5% Al, + 2.5 Sn has _______.
- Published on 11 Sep 15

a. low temperature stability
b. low strength
c. good corrosion
d. all of the above

ANSWER: good corrosion


  • RAM JI LAL   -Posted on 07 Dec 17
  • Sravanthi   -Posted on 21 Nov 15
    Titanium and its alloys:

    - These alloys are attractive structural materials because they have high strength, low density and excellent corrosion resistance.

    - Different types of titanium alloys are :

    1) Ti + 5% Al, + 2.5 Sn: This alloy has high weldability and stability. They have high temperature stability and strength along with good corrosion and creep resistance. These alloys are generally used in aircraft, air frame applications, etc.

    2) Ti + 6% Al, 4%: This titanium alloy accounts for 50% usage all over. This alloy sustains high temperature and hence is used for aircraft turbines, aerospace fasteners, etc.

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