CNS Kaiyangxing or Mizar: Sixth electronic reconnaissance ship by China

Q.  PLA has launched an electronic reconnaissance ship on 12th Jan 2017. What is it called?
- Published on 13 Jan 17

a. CNS Kaiyangxing
b. Mizar
c. Both of the above
d. None of the above

ANSWER: Both of the above
CNS Kaiyangxing or Mizar: Sixth electronic reconnaissance ship by ChinaCNS Kaiyangxing or Mizar, China's new electronic reconnaissance ship has been added to its expanding fleet. The PLA now has 6 electronic reconnaissance vessels.

In 2016, the PLA Navy commissioned 18 ships, including missile destroyers, corvettes and guided missile frigates.

China has also said it is building a second aircraft carrier. China's only carrier is the second-hand, Soviet-built Liaoning.

CNS Kaiyangxing or Mizar, with hull code 856, was on Tuesday delivered to a combat support flotilla of the North Sea Fleet at the eastern port of Qingdao.

Capable of all-weather, round-the-clock reconnaissance on multiple and different targets, it is a sophisticated system.

China Is currently involved in a spat with its neighbours on SCS islands.

Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam also have claims on these islands.

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