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Q.  What is a text-based notifier that is mostly shows the context in which the user is working, and it is also generated by the software system?
- Published on 23 Jul 15

a. Command prompt
b. Cursor
c. Command
d. All mentioned above

ANSWER: Command prompt


  • Nirja Shah   -Posted on 16 Oct 15
    CLI Elements

    - A text-based command line interface have the following elements:

    Command Prompt
    - It is a text-based notifier that mostly shows the context in which the user is working.
    - The generation is done by the software system.

    - It is a small horizontal line or a vertical bar of the height of line, to represent position of character while typing.
    - It is mostly found in the blinking state.
    - It moves as the user writes or deletes something.

    - It is an executable instruction.
    - It may have one or more parameters.
    - Output on command execution is shown inline on the screen.
    - When output is produced, command prompt is displayed on the next line.

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