Components of measurement system

Q.  Arrange the following components of temperature measurement system according to measurement system

Hot body, Display system, Thermocouple, Amplifier and converter

- Published on 15 Sep 15

a. Hot body----Display system-----Thermocouple-----Amplifier and converter
b. Hot body----Amplifier and converter-----Thermocouple-----Display system
c. Hot body----Thermocouple-----Amplifier and converter-----Display system
d. Display system-----Hot body----Thermocouple-----Amplifier and converter

ANSWER: Hot body----Thermocouple-----Amplifier and converter-----Display system


  • Pankaj Chaugule   -Posted on 24 Nov 15
    - The above given components represent a measurement system which measures the hot body temperature.

    - Every measurement system consists of three main stages as sensor stage, signal processor stage and output stage.

    - Thermocouple is used to measures the temperature of hot body.

    - Therefore, hot body here is the measurand and the sensor stage which is in direct contact with the measurand consists of thermocouple.

    - Amplifier and converters are used for signal processing at the signal processor stage.

    - As the display system is used to show the output of measurement system, it represents the output stage and comes at the end of the block diagram representation of measurement system.

    - Therefore, the given components can be represented in measurement system as follows:

    - Hot body----Thermocouple-----Amplifier and converter-----Display system

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