Components of Preamble to the Indian Constitution

Q.  Which of the following emerges clearly from the Preamble?

1) Date of adoption of Constitution
2) Ideals that are to be achieved
3) Nature of Indian state
4) The source of authority of the Constitution

- Published on 15 Feb 17

a. Only 1 and 2
b. Only 1, 2 and 4
c. Only 1 and 4
d. All of the above

ANSWER: All of the above
  • American Constitution started with the concept of the Preamble.
  • Preamble means introduction or preface to the Constitution.
  • It has the summary or essence of the Constitution.
  • The Preamble to the Indian Constitution is based on the ‘Objectives Resolution’, drafted and moved by Pandit Nehru, and adopted by the Constituent Assembly.
  • The 42nd Constitutional Amendment Act, 1976, amended it by adding three new words to it - socialist, secular and integrity.
  • The Preamble has 4 components within it.

  • They are -

    1. Source of authority of the Constitution : The source is people of India.
    2. Nature of Indian State : India is to be of a sovereign, socialist, secular democratic and republican polity.
    3. Ideals to be achieved or the objectives of the Constitution : It tells that we must achieve - justice, liberty, equality and fraternity.
    4. Date of adoption of the Constitution : November 26, 1949. However, the constitution came into force on 26th January 1950.

  • Preamble is also known as Soul or Identity Card of the Constitution. It is also known as the key to the Indian Constitution.
  • It embodies the vision, noble ideas of the makers of the constitution and the basic philosophy on which the constitution is based.
  • It can be used to understand the ambit of Fundamental Rights and the Directive Principles of State Policy.
  • It also has the basic structure of the constitution.


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