Control Window - Scenario Group, SLA Pane ,Scenario Schedule Pane - Load Runner

Q.  Scenario Group, SLA Pane and Scenario Schedule Pane is related to ____________.
- Published on 14 Aug 15

a. Control Window
b. Analysis Window
c. Vuser Window
d. All of these

ANSWER: Control Window


  • Prajakta Pandit   -Posted on 25 Nov 15

    - Scenario group, SLA pane and scenario schedule pane is related to Control Window.

    - In the scenario group section, you configure the Vuser (virtual user) group. You can create different groups to represent the typical users of your system.

    - In the SLA pane (Service Level Agreement pane), when you design a load test scenario, you can define goals or SLAs for the performance metrics.

    - In the scenario schedule pane, you set the lead behaviour to accurately portray user behaviour.

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