Database operations performed at MOUNT stage of database startup - Oracle Managed Files

Q.  Which two database operations can be performed at the MOUNT stage of database startup?
- Published on 29 Jul 15

a. Renaming of data files
b. Dropping the database user
c. Configuring the database in ARCHIVELOG mode
d. Both A & C
e. Both B & C

ANSWER: Both A & C


  • Nirja Shah   -Posted on 01 Sep 15
    - After starting an instance, Oracle associates the instance with the specified database.

    - This is a mounted database.

    - The database is then ready to be opened, which makes it accessible to authorized users.

    - When the startup command enters the mount stage, it opens and reads the control file.

    - The control file is a binary file that tracks important database information, such as the location of the database datafiles.

    - In the mount stage, Oracle determines the location of the datafiles, but does not yet open them. Once the datafile locations have been identified, the database is ready to be opened.

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