Decision Table example - Use cases and Decision table

Q.  For retail shopping software which table would be example of Decision Table?
- Published on 03 Aug 15

a. A table containing rules of discount.
b. A table containing rules for interfaces between components.
c. A table containing rule of employee behavior.
d. A table containing rules for combination of input.

ANSWER: A table containing rules of discount.


  • Prajakta Pandit   -Posted on 29 Oct 15

    - For retail shopping, a table which contains the rules of discount, is the best example of decision table.

    - Decision table provides a systematic way of stating complex business rules, which is useful for developers as well as for testers.

    - Decision tables are mostly used in test design.

    - Decision tables have proven to be easier to understand and review than code. It allows developers to work from the same decision tables information.

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