Defect can be found using Static Testing Techniques - Software Testing Strategies

Q.  Which of the following can be found using Static Testing Techniques?
- Published on 29 Jul 15

a. Defect
b. Failure
c. Both A & B

ANSWER: Defect


  • Prajakta Pandit   -Posted on 24 Nov 15
    - Defect can be found using static testing techniques.

    - Static testing technique process is done during the verification process.

    - It is the verification part of the software testing.

    - Under static testing, code is not executed.

    - In static testing techniques, it involves manual or automated reviews of the documents. This review is done during initial phase of testing to catch defect early in STLC. It provides review comments.

    - This technique is useful and cost effective, for example: reviewing, walkthrough, inspection etc.

    - This testing technique can test and find defects without executing code.

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