Dhanush to be inducted to Indian army

Q.  Dhanush, an ATAGS system is set to be inducted in the Army. What does ATAGS stand for?
- Published on 10 Jan 17

a. Advanced Towed Artillery Gun System
b. Advanced Towed Army Gun System
c. Advanced Tow Army Gun System
d. None of the above

ANSWER: Advanced Towed Artillery Gun System
Dhanush to be inducted to Indian armyIndian Army has carried out user validation trials of indigenous Advanced Towed Artillery Gun System Dhanush in the Himalayas.

This clears the way for induction in the army. Proof firing tests of Dhanush armament systems were carried out using technical trials in 2016.

DRDO in collaboration with private sector companies has developed this gun system– it was designed by DRDO Armament Research and Development Establishment.

This is the nation's first self made, long range artillery gun. The gun system was designed by Gun Carriage Factory in Jabalpur, part of the Ordnance Factory Board.

What is Project 155?

Project 155 has been a code name for Dhanush since Oct 2012. Efforts to upgrade the Bofors gun beyond 30km was not successful.

From 39 to 52 calibre guns, the systems have advanced considerably.

Features of Dhanush

This is a self propelled gun with limited mobility. It is designed to shoot and scoot, to avoid being bombarded by enemy radars.

The gun can cover a distance of 5km in an hour's time. Weighing 12.7 tonnes and INR 13 crore a piece, Dhanush has seen investment of INR 100 crore till date.

81 percent of the 8500 components which make a Dhanush gun coming from indigenous sources. This is a Make in India initiative.

It can fire older as well as next generation charges. Dhanush has improved laying speed and firing accuracies.

It can correct itself using data even when it fires.

Target impact area covered increased by 100% over Bofors.

Dhanush has modified loading trough for all types of charges. Modified double baffle muzzle brake limits stress on the structure. Gun can auto lay and has a fire control computer on board.

From indigenously producing full manual 105mm Light Field Gun with a range of 17km, Dhanush represents a massive change.

Dhanush 155 MM/45 calibre gun is based on the 1980s’ Bofors FH-77B/39 Calibre artillery gun design. It was aided by the transfer of technology (ToT) clause signed with the Swedish company.

This gun system was first unveiled in February 2014.

Dhanush: Know More
  • Designer: Ordnance Factories Board/DRDO
  • Designed: 2010-2013
  • Manufacturer: Ordnance Factories Board
  • Unit cost: US$ 2.11 million (INR 14 crore)
  • Produced: 2015 onwards
  • Number built: 6 (2015) / 414 (by 2020)

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