Dialogue box - Generates a dialogue to get confirmation from user & to delete a file - Program Writing

Q.  Application that generate a dialogue to get confirmation from user and to delete a file it is an example for _____ .
- Published on 22 Jul 15

a. Radio-Button
b. Text-box
c. Check-box
d. Dialogue box

ANSWER: Dialogue box


  • Nirja Shah   -Posted on 19 Oct 15
    Application specific GUI components

    - A GUI of an application contains one or more of the listed GUI elements:

    Application Window
    - Most application windows uses the constructs supplied by operating systems but many use their own customer created windows to contain the contents of application.

    Dialogue Box
    - It is a child window that contains message for the user and request for some action to be taken.
    - For Example: Application generate a dialogue to get confirmation from user to delete a file.

    - Provides an area for user to type and enter text-based data.

    - They imitate real life buttons and are used to submit inputs to the software.

    - Displays available options for selection.
    - Only one option can be selected.

    - Functions similar to list-box.
    - When an option is selected, the box is marked as checked.
    - Multiple options represented by check boxes can be selected.

    - Provides list of available items for selection. More than one item can be selected.

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